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"Do not look to the ground for your next step; greatness lies with those who look to the horizon."
--Norwegian Proverb
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Ready, set, clean rivers!

In 2003, according to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, scientists discovered one of the largest dead zones ever recorded in the Bay and the Clean Water Act lists the Bay as an impaired water body. Dead zones have killed fish, plants, and even the blue crab. Dead zones are areas of no or low dissolved water oxygen. But not everybody is content to watch our rivers and lakes die. Enter the Annapolis River Guard. Read more here...


Can you tell which one of these is an invasive species to Maryland?


Is it this butterfly?

Sorry, wrong answer. This is the Baltimore Checkerspot. It is Maryland's state butterfly.


Is it this bird?

Sorry, wrong answer. This is the Downy Woodpeck, a species native to the East Coast.


Is it this fish?

Yes! This is the snakehead fish, to read more about this invasive species, click on the image.


9.14.09 - Wine & Cheese in the Woods (Sponsored by Birch Hills Winery).

9.17.09 - Build date for new playground at Robert E. Lee Park.

9.18.09 - Volunteers wanted for Apple Festival at Pinery Run Park.

9.29.09 - Senate hearing for conversion of NCR trail to commuter rail. Click here to get involved.

10.1.09 - Mud Pups Fundrasier benefiting A Tail Home, animal rescue.
Youth Outdoor Partnership, two teens picking up trash


Want to do Something?

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DogGo back packing with your dog...
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MoonHelp clean a river...
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