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The Amish Farm and House

2395 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602
Portrait of a Cow

History of the Farm

The Amish Farm and House exists in order to teach people the truths of Amish life. A tour-guide will explain the traditions and culture of the Amish as visitors walk through the rooms of the house, which was constructed in 1805. Visitors will also be able to meander through the barns and see an assortment of farm animals.

This 15-acre farm was presented by William Penn (Pennsylvania’s Founder) to colonial Governor John Evans in 1715. Isaac and Mary Evans were thought to have been given the construction of the house as a wedding present. While the property has changed ownership many times, all of the peoples who have lived there (Quakers, Mennonite, Amish) have run the farm from a Pennsylvania German heritage.

History of Tourism

In 1955, tourism in Lancaster County picked up considerably. The previous year, a hit-play was performed on Broadway. It was called “Plain and Fancy” and it highlighted the life of the Amish in Lancaster County. For many people, this was their first glimpse of the culture. People became so interested that tourism in Lancaster in the following year jumped 175% from the previous year’s visitor count of 25,000! But because there was no official tourist information center for people to learn the real Amish lifestyle, out-of-town visitors were not above peeking in windows or traipsing through private property just to get a look at someone Amish. Mules in Front of a farm

In order to educate visitors in a responsible manner, a local restaurant-owner named Adolph Neuber purchased the land and opened it up as the Amish House & Farm.

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