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Custom Field Trips

Old Fashioned Laundry

Special hands-on activities (such as creating corn husk dolls, doing old-fashioned laundry, blacksmith work, or herbal medicine) can be selected to further interaction between the child and the material being learned. A partial list is available at the Hans Herr website.

The Hans Herr House and Museum

1849 Hans Herr Drive
Willow Street, PA 17584
The Hans Herr House Sideview


The Hans Herr House is the only still-standing residence of the European colonists who immigrated to Lancaster County Pennsylvania and remains the oldest lasting Mennonite gathering place in the Western Hemisphere. It was built in 1719 by Christian Herr, the son of Hans Herr. Both men were Mennonite bishops.

This building was constructed on a grant of 10,000 acres given to nine Mennonite men in 1710 and is the oldest of the non-destroyed buildings in that settlement. It houses several generations of the Herr family before being turned into a storage building in the 1860s.

This house is part of a series of three Pennsylvania-German farmhouses, all of which lasted roughly three centuries, and now reside in Museum complex, where the structures and equipment of the farms can be viewed by the public.


Hours are: 9AM to 4PM, Monday through Saturday, seasonally. The Hans Herr House is open April 1st through the first weekend of December (for special candlelight tours), then closes until March 31st.


A nominal admission is charged. As of 4.18.09 rates were:
  • Children - $5
  • 1 Chaperone per 8 children - free
  • Adults exceeding 1:8 ration - $4


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