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Here at Circle Complete Perennial Gardens, we focus on bringing the joy of bright, beautiful flowers to you year after year. Perennials, as opposed to the one-year cycle of annuals, will return every spring and bloom again. It might take a little patience while you let your perennials grow a year or so, but after that you will witness the breath-taking beauty of a full garden of blooming flowers that will return year after to year.

We offer several options for planning your perennial garden. Not only do we offer six-flower specially designed flower packages for partial shade and sun, we have window box specials, or you are welcome to pick and match from our entire collection. Our perennials are sorted by size and availablity of sunlight. Circle Complete recommends buying pre-established flowers as a faster method of getting to that one-year mark.

When considering how you want to put together your perennial garden, there are several design considerations to think about. Do you want to arrange your garden by color, by texture, or by size? Will your garden be in full sun throughout the day or will the sun fade leaving the flowers and plants in partial shade or full shade for most of the day?

Hosta False Rose Ragwort Tickseed Beard Tongue