Portrait of Calder

Mission Statement

The purpose of this website is to provide an overview on the sculptor Alexander Calder. Content will include a short history of his life, a bit about his influences, a sampling of his artwork, and a short summary about what artistic movement his style reflected. This site is not intended to be an in-depth biography, but rather a brief look into the life of one of the well-known contemporary artists of the last century. The design of the website itself should suggest a artistic tone and be coherent with the content. The layout, text, and colors should create a simple, but classy look as Calder’s work does.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for this website will be high-school aged students who are researching or studying contemporary artists and who seek an overview to acquaint themselves with the person they may need to research and which will provide some basic information accumulated from reputable sources.


  • To create an informational website available to the public
  • To summarize the selected artist’s life into useful and/or readable content
  • To design a simple, elegant website that supports the artist highlighted
  • To build a website that meets accessibility requirements, loads quickly, and looks good on varying screen resolutions
  • To showcase my design abilities (but without detracting from the unity between design and content)
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Peter A. Juley. 1927. Archival Photographs. Calder Foundation. 20 Feb. 2009. <>.
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